Talent Show is a Bit Hit!

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After an inspiring morning with My Remarkable Self, the girls hit the fields, courts and studios. After lunch we headed off to the auditorium for our weekly talent show.

Today’s talent show consisted of: Ali Merone, Celine, Aaliyah, Ava, Valeria ,Grace, and Norah dancing to “Lips Are Movin”; Leila and Alessia  singing “Fight Song”; Evelyn Lewis performing a Disney version of the “Cup Song” with counselor Christine; Samantha, Sarah, and Sophie singing “Since U Been Gone” ; Riley making very realistic animal noises; Ali and Patricia Merone dancing to “Bang Bang”; Norah, Tess, and Jena performing a skit and doing some improve; Leila and Daniella singing “The Banana Song”; Lawson playing the piano; Grace Prince showing off her sitting skills; Camilla, Ali Merone, and Layla Jackson  dancing to “Jump on it”; Alessia, Ali and Patricia Merone, and Natalia performing a skit; Brennan and Mackenzie singing “Cheerleader”; Ali Merone and Camila dancing to “Uptown Funk”; Allegra singing “Burn” by Ellie Goulding; Akymi, Ava, Ahonesty, Aaliyah, Abby, and Daniella performing a cheerleading routine to “Can’t Feel my Face”; Jane, Katie, Mackenzie, Brennan, and Andy doing a skit; Jadalyn Ortiz playing “Fight Song” on the violin; and Norah playing duet on the piano with counselor Samantha L.!


Looking forward to a great day tomorrow.

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