Sun and Fun at Next Level

Today’s beautiful breezy day brought along another successful day of camp filled with talent and memories.

We started off this morning with a fun visit from My Remarkable Self. They taught the importance of listening and communicating. We focused on something many of us as adults know to be true but is difficult for children to learn successfully.  Today, My Remarkable Self and the Next Level girls did several activities to teach different communication skills using both verbal – tone, words, expression in your voice and body language – facial expressions and messages sent by your body itself.  The girls played a game called “Questions”, then a communications obstacle course.  The group then able to bring in real life situations with parents, friends or teachers to illustrate the importance of positive communication skills.

There was another talent show here at NLDC and we once again were impressed with all the girls skills and talents! We had acts such as a cheerleading routine by Leila, Maggie, Sofia, Charley, Gianna, Delaney, Kaitlin, and Finley, two performances of jumping rope by Caroline and Sofia , a nursery rhyme act by Anna and Evelyn, hoola-hooping by Morgan and Maggie, original artwork by Elizabeth, a performance of head, shoulders, knees, and toes in Japanese by Mickey, a dance routine byLeila, Gianna, Sofia, Nora, and Caroline, a skit by Kathleen, Lina, Caitlin, Olivia, and Natalie, a puppet show by Sophie, Issie, Amelia, and Caroline, three other skits by Lina, Helena, Tatiana, Kendall, Jolie, Kayla, Juliet, Danyelle, and Jadalyn, and Norah and Caroline, and Jolie and Lina. Even the staff got involved in this talent show! Amanda A, Amanda M, Toni Marie, and Alicia showed off their cheerleading moves in a routine along with the basketball and cheer squads changing roles for the day and performed a hilarious show!

We can’t wait for funky Friday tomorrow! Remember to wear your tie-dye shirts you made during the week!

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