STEM Schedule for NY Camps (Scroll Down for MA Enrichment Options)

Each week, every child will get to experience Robotics, computer programing, tinkering, circuitry and other STEM activities. However, each group of GEMS will have a week long concentration with extended projects in one of these area. Below is a schedule for the concentrations by group and week. Each concentration segment will be 1:20 in length. The mini STEM activities will be 45 minutes each.

Weekly Concentration Activities:
Week 13D design using TinkerCad online programs/ Tech ART
Week 2Chemistry
Week 3Robotics- Lego Ev3 and Dash Robots
Week 4Rocketry: The Engineering Design Process
Week 5Crazy Contraptions
Week 6Caine’s Arcade

Daily Schedule
Session 19:20 – 11:00 Concentration Activity – see weekly schedule above
Session 211:15 – 12:15 Alternate STEM Activity – see descriptions below

Concentration Descriptions:

STEM Activities

Robotics: Campers will use build and program LEGO EV3 robots at different, age appropriate levels. Campers will have fun building robots and finding out how to command them. Campers will have the opportunity to extend their robotics capabilities by meeting challenges such as beating your opponent at Sumo or pushing water bottles out of a ring. This class will introduce programming concepts such as repeat loops and if/then statements, and sensor use will also be taught.

Chemistry For Kids: Explore a different side of STEM with a week dedicated to the science of Chemistry. Campers will explore the way properties of substances can change, react, and create in a Make and Take format. Campers will participate in food chemistry investigations, chemical testing, volcano building, slime chemistry, and silly putty creation.

Computer Science: Campers will explore coding using age appropriate programs such as Scratch and Scratch Jr. Experienced campers will have the opportunity to learn and apply skills using Minecraft and Java programming languages. At each level the campers will develop an understanding of programming languages, and apply this knowledge to create their own interactive art, animated stories and video games. Along the way, campers will use logic and critical thinking to explore different variables that are found in most other programming languages. No prior experience is necessary.

3D Design/Tech Art: Tinkering & Engineering: There is something extraordinary that happens when STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education blends with Art; besides a new acronym (STEAM): an exciting hands-on and creative learning experience that is fun and, more importantly, gratifying and fulfilling. Campers get to tinker, test, and try out ideas to develop original creations. They will be provided with all sorts of hardware and technology tools; and given the ability to create a cohesive tinkering project.


Based on the NASA Adventures In Rocket Science program Campers will learn the history of rocketry and the science that goes into the design, propulsion and flight of early and modern rockets. Campers will build and test several simple machines that will demonstrate the basic concepts employed in rocketry. This week long activity will culminate in the design, construction and launching of bottle rockets.

Caine’s Arcade

In this activity, Campers explore physics, game development, and engineering through the collaborative creation of cardboard arcade games. Caine’s Arcade is now a nationwide movement and is celebrated every October. It reinforces the concept of design thinking and truly incorporates 21st Century skills. Over multiple sessions, students work in small groups to brainstorm and design unique arcade games. Using feedback provided Teachers and fellow campers, Arcade builders will refine their designs and construct their games. After completion, students test and compare their games through playing each other’s creations.

Crazy Contraptions

An exciting week of creative exploration as campers learn the importance of creative thinking, design, engineering, iterative testing, and using materials and tools to create Crazy Contraptions “Crazy Contraptions” is a thought provoking activity that engages students in the design and construction of exciting and innovative Rube Goldberg style mechanisms. This week long activity will focus on the conceptualization, understanding and application of simple and complex machines. Campers will work in small groups to build, test, modify and complete interactive machines. The week will end with a demonstration and competition that will reward campers for their innovative design and creative solutions. Time permitting campers will be introduced to Keva Plank Contraptions to expand the skills they developed working with Crazy Contraptions

Dedham Camp Enrichment Options

All Programs are run in conjunction with Engaging Minds.

These Enrichment Options take place in the AM each day. It is a 5 day commitment. The girls will have regular elective options in the PM

Weeks 1 (7/11) and 3 (7/25):

Website and Graphic Design for grades 4-6

Have you ever needed a website that doesn’t exist? A website with all of the best chocolate cake recipes? A website that highlights your personal art portfolio? A website that teaches you a new skill like how to work out with no equipment at home? Let’s build that website together! In this course, you will use an online graphic design platform and an online website-building platform to design and publish your own website! You will design graphics and format / organize your website in a beautiful way that is easy for users to navigate! Students will decide what the theme or concept of their website is, and build it thinking about audience, voice, organization, and content.

Plan Your Family’s Next Dream Vacation for grades 2-4

A tropical island, Disney Parks, a week-long cruise, or exploring a new country: what is your family’s dream vacation? This elective will engage your imagination, creativity, and math skills to plan everything from transportation, daily itineraries, and packing lists to writing a letter to your parents, convincing them this is the perfect trip. Through practicing foundational math skills, following the writing process, and creating schedules and checklists, students will end this course with a presentation and persuasive letter about your next possible family vacation!

Week 2 (7/18):

Graphic Novels: Using a Comic-Strip Format to Tell a Story for grades 4-6

Do you love graphic novels? Do you love to draw and write? In this elective, we will explore the format of graphic stories by reading selections from a variety of comics and graphic novels, covering an array of different storytelling styles. You will then have the opportunity to write your own graphic scene or story. For the graphic piece, you may draw by hand, use computer resources, or a combination of both. Students will work to develop characters, plot, and setting to write their own graphic story. This class will culminate in a final presentation of your graphic story to be shared with friends, families, and teachers.

The Trivia Master for grades 2-4

Are you completely obsessed with the movie Encanto? Do you love everything about baseball? Are you Billie Eilish’s or Justin Bieber’s biggest fan? Channel your passion into creating a trivia extravaganza about your most favorite things! In this elective you will utilize research strategies, organization skills, and your creativity to bring to life trivia games and activities based on your favorite obsession. By the end of this course students will have created a board game, a puzzle book, or an original trivia night challenge to share with friends and family!