Session 6 Gets off to a Great Start!

Welcome Next Level Day Campers to our final week of camp! As sad as we are to end this year of NLDC, we are excited to close off this year a complete success!

Beginning our final week of color war, we split the white and blue teams into three groups that participated in a series of competitions in order earn points for their color war team. Station 1 consisted of “Keva Blocks” where the girls built the tallest structure in a certain amount of time. In Station 2, the girls put on shower caps covered in shaving cream and the other teammates had to throw cheetos and make them stick onto the cap. And lastly, Station 3 was crab soccer where the girls would walk like a crab while playing a competitive game of beach-ball soccer.

This being our last week, the NLDC staff is on a mission to finish this week just as strong as the others and making this camp one to remember.




We can’t wait for Try-it Tuesday and Tie-d  ye Tuesday! The girls will spend their day trying something new while also having the opportunity to tie-dye their own NLDC shirt!

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