Rain, Rain (Somehow) Stayed Away

NLDC planned for a rainy day schedule on several occasions but somehow a drop never hit the ground so the girls participated in their typical AM schedules, some great outfits were on display to show off our Wacky Wed Spirit.

During lunch, the girls met the Founders of Be Bolz a self-expression brand for girls who talked to the girls and gave out some



After lunch today, our staff split up into two teams to support their color war team  and played a game of staff kickball while the campers cheered as loud as they could for their team. There were some amazing kicks and even more amazing catches! It was fun for campers to watch their counselors compete against each other!

The Camp-Wide Activity for today was Charlie’s Candy. The game consisted of staff transforming into Oompa Loompas and Candy-makers. The campers ran around Ursuline’s campus attempting to enlarge their candy collection, by collecting balloons from the candy-makers while avoiding the Oompa Loompas. This fun-filled competition left the girls with a memorable time and the brightest smiles on their faces. 

Tomorrow is Sport’s Day! Everyone come in wearing your favorite sports team’s apparel. We cannot wait to see all the girls’ talent at the talent show tomorrow!


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