“We Inspire Our Campers To Connect with their Creative Self”

Our ARTS program is for the camper that LOVES everything about the ARTS.  Their day can be filled with paint, pencils and sketch books or a dark room, open mic & music.  Each week offers a new side of creativity and inspiration. And each day offers students the opportunity to work both independently and with a group in order to develop as an artist.

Campers in our drawing & painting program are able to create through composition, design, charcoal, oil pastel, tempera, chalk, pen and ink. They also develop visual perception skills while exploring natural forms, abstract concepts and still life.

In our drama and dance programs, campers are challenged to think on their feet.   They learn the fundamentals of choreography and how to express themselves through characters on the big stage.

In photography, we will cover the basics of digital photography, teaching students how to see pictures in the world around them through an understanding of composition, light, color and moment.

In DJ, Conquer beat matching, song dropping and mixing

In Karaoke, grab a mic and start singing

In Magic, learn amazing feats of magic and illusion.

“Food Is A Staple, But We’re More Than Just Cooking”

Our cooking program (only offered in NY) offers campers a creative and dynamic hands-on program designed to take food preparation, thinking and creating to the next level.  Our goal is to create an environment where campers are willing to express themselves through their dishes in a team-oriented and creative way.  Campers also learn proper nutrition and diet, as well as food and table preparation.

Shhh, during baking session, students even improve their math skills without ever realizing it!