Next Level Girls Beat the Heat!

Welcome Next Level Day Campers to week 4! It is safe to say that our first three weeks were a success and we are looking forward to adding week 4 to that list! We would also like to wish Head Director Ed Metzendorf a very happy birthday! This camp would not have happened without you.

Due to the extreme heat, we got many of the girls outside to get a bit of sports in before the temperature really rose to unbearable levels. As usual the girls developed some new skills and had a lot of fun (and lots of water)

This week’s Color War began with a series of water balloon games. Some games such as a water balloon toss and water balloon relay races which left the girls laughing and refreshed! Both teams attempted to cheer louder than the other, spread spirit and show their outstanding sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship is what NLDC is all about!

This week is off to a good start and we can’t wait for Try-it-Tuesday tomorrow, where the girls are encouraged to try an elective they wouldn’t normally choose!

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