Quick Facts

Locations and Dates/Times

Both Girls Camps run daily from 9am to 4pm.

The Westchester Location takes place at The Ursuline School in New Rochelle, NY

The Bergen County Location takes place at Saddle River Country Day in Saddle River, NJ.

Next Level Boys Camp in Westchester runs from 8:45am to 3:45pm at Iona Prep in New Rochelle, NY


Campers in Westchester may sign up for anywhere to 1 to 6 weeks.

Campers in Bergen County may sign up for anywhere to 1 to 4 weeks.

The majority of our camper attend multiple weeks


Next Level’s camper-to-staff ratio is unsurpassed, with approximately three campers per staff member. Our staff consists of teacher, coaches, parents and HS Seniors.

Counselors and staff take part in an intense orientation and ongoing child-centered education throughout the summer.


Next Level offers a delicious outsourced lunch program for campers who choose.

Campers may bring their own sack lunches, which are held in coolers until lunchtime.

Lunches are served in the air-conditioned Dining Hall.

Beverages and snacks are provided each day for all campers.

Inclement Weather

Indoor air-conditioned facilities allow camp to continue during inclement weather.


Continual communication keeps parents informed throughout the summer. Camp communication includes online newsletters, daily online photos, regular phone calls or emails home by Leadership Team members.


Do I have flexibility in the number of weeks my daughter can attend?
Yes. Your daughter will have the option of attending 1-6 weeks. You choose the week or weeks that work for you. But remember, our program is designed so that with each additional week, your campers are enhanced with new chances that create growth as an athlete, student and a person. A special discount is offered when you register for more than 1 week at a time. See Dates & Rates
When camp is in session, can we add on weeks during the summer?

We would be thrilled if you decide to add on weeks contingent on availability of course. (We have a maximum number of campers permitted to participate per week and strive to maintain a safe and effective coach to camper ratio.)

Payment is requested in full, via cash or check and MUST be received by the first Monday of her added week(s). A special discount is offered when you register for more than 1 week during registration. See Dates & Rates

What should my daughter bring with her to camp?
Her backpack should contain sunscreen (administered for the first time prior to leaving home in the a.m.), a water bottle filled with cold water (we will take care of the refills), any specific sport gear such as shin guards and label everything!
What if my daughter needs medications at camp?
All medications must be maintained and administered by our Nurse. Separate forms are required to be filled out prior to camp.
What do I do if my daughter cannot make it to camp on any given day?
Please call the camp office or email us as early as possible to let us know. Unfortunately, we can not refund any missed days or guarantee make-up days. (depending on the availability each week)
Besides playing sports or working on their requested skill, what else will my daughter do at NL?
How does Camp Idol or slam dunk contest sound? The entire camp joins together and shows off their team spirit with these fun activities. Your daughter will be able to show off her creative side with team banner painting; tie-dye days; team skit, and cheer.
Is NLC a competitive camp?
Our focus is on building skills, sportsmanship and teamwork. NLC is NOT about the pressure to win.
Will my travel athlete be challenged in her sport (s)?
Your daughter will be challenged and our coaches are trained to motivate her to advance her skills. Our programs inspires growth and improvement for both the travel and recreational athletes in all the sports we offer.
Will my daughter play a variety of sports at NLC?
Your daughter will be challenged and our coaches are trained to motivate her to advance her skills. Our program inspires growth and improvement for both the travel and recreational athletes in all sports we offer.
Can my daughter come to camp and just work on one sport?
For our younger campers, our program offers the chance to experience variety and develop the confidence they need to determine where their interests may lie. For our older campers, they have the opportunity to focus on their sport of choice. We believe that multi-sport participation increases the athletic I.Q. of players and encourage campers to sample a variety of sports.
What if my daughter is not a great athlete and has never played various sports?
We will provide the perfect environment for her to explore interests she may have in different sports or in the arts all while having a blast.
I read that my daughter will grow as an athlete AND a person. How do you accomplish personal growth?
Teaching and enforcing sound values and making smart choices is part of every aspect of camp. Not a minute goes by without attention to building solid character as we incorporate values such as good sportsmanship, teamwork, spirit, effort, leadership and persistence. Most importantly, we create an environment where campers learn to feel GOOD about demonstrating positive values.
What is STEM?
Who are the STEM instructors?
All of our instructors are trained educators, many of which are professional educators who work in Westchester County. Our instructions use exciting and creative ways to teach our STEM programs.
My Daughter is struggling in Math/Science at school, will your STEM program help improve her Math/Science skills?
Our Summer program is designed to inspire and engage students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Our courses are fun and hands-on. Although we dig into depth in a number of Science and Math areas, camp courses are not like most school courses. There are no tests or homework. Your daughter will gain more confidence in a subject area and enjoy learning as well.