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Dates & Rates NJ Girls Camp 2024

We Help Goals Get Reached One Week At A Time. We offer traditional camp full day, half day, and Flex Pass options that allow you to choose any day you want. Please call (201) 466-7270 to discuss your scheduling needs.

1June 24th - 28thFull Day$600
1June 24th - 28thHalf Day$460
2July 1st - 4thFull Day$460
2July 1st - 4thHalf Day$350
3July 8th - 12thFull Day$600
3July 8th - 12thHalf Day$460
4July 15th - 19thFull Day$600
4July 15th - 19thHalf Day$460
5July 22nd - 26thFull Day$600
5July 22nd - 26thHalf Day$460
6July 29th - Aug 2ndFull Day$600
6July 29th - Aug 2ndHalf Day$460
4 - Day FlexFull Day$525
4 - Day FlexHalf Day$385
8 - Day FlexFull Day$1025
8 - Day FlexHalf Day$750
ART - Sessions 1 & 2 June 24th - Jul 4thSculpture$1420
ART - Sessions 3 & 4July 8th - 19thSewing$1580
ART - Sessions 5 & 6Jul 22nd - August 2ndDrawing$1580
DRAMA - Sessions 1&2June 24th - July 4thANNIE JR.$1420
DRAMA - Sessions 3&4July 8th - 19thWILLY WONKA JR.$1580
DRAMA - Sessions 5&6July 22nd - August 2ndMARY POPPINS JR.$1580

Refunds or credits will not be issued for changes, withdrawals, or dismissals (ex. behavioral) after April 1st 2024. Camp credit only at the discretion of Next Level Camps LLC.

You can also use your employer-sponsored tax benefit plans and Federal Child and Dependent Care Credit when your children attends a Next Level camp.

Request for Financial Aid Need please CLICK HERE.