Costumes and Talent Show Highlight the Day

  Today’s beautiful breezy day brought along another successful day of camp filled with talent, memories and some great costumes.




We started off this morning with a fun visit from My Remarkable Self. They showed the girls the importance of never giving up. The girls split up into groups and created their own song based off Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”.  The songs they created portrayed their time at NLDC and everything they proved to themselves and others that they can achieve.

Our Camp-Wide consisted of our last and final Talent Show here at NLDC. The acts consisted of a cheer performance byBrooke, Layla, Rebecca, Claire, Noelle, Taylor, Gianna, Brennan, Daniella, Ava, Jane, Akymi, Aaliyah, and Ahonesty, a piano performance by Tess and another by Ahonesty, a tin whistle act by Alanna, a Lego Construction by Zuri, a Wii Mii Dance and a skit by the CIT’s, a singing performance by Anna and Evelyn and another by Camila, Tatiana, Giovanna, Jess, and Nastajah, an Irish Step Dance by Delia, and lastly, a dance routine by Jadalyn, Lina, Akymi, Ada, Giovanna, Tatiana, Aaliyah, Jessica, Ava, Hannah, and Sela.



With cooking and baking still being another popular elective to take here at NLDC, the day included a competition based off the TV show “Chopped”. The girls split up into two teams and had to create a meal with the ingredients they were given.

As our final week is coming to a close, we are excited for Free-Friday tomorrow as the girls will be able to create their own schedule!

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