Costumes and Talent Rule @ NLDC

The girls of Next Level Day Camp showed up to camp in their favorite costumes today. It was fun to see an October tradition coming alive in July!

The day started with a visit from My Remarkable Self. At today’s session we focused again on self-esteem but thinking about who they are and what they want to become.  We did an activity called I AM I CAN I WILL, where the girls got together in teams traced a team mates body and then all contributed with things I AM …smart, beautiful, confident; I CAN…be strong, change the world, make the varsity team,  I WILL …be true to myself, be kind, believe in myself.  These are just examples of some of the things each team came up with.  They all presented to the larger group and it was very powerful.



The talent show included many acts from our very own talented campers of NLDC. Such acts included a cheer routine by Charley, Abby, CC, Nila, Leila, Maggie and Sarah, a dance routine to “Honey I’m Good” by Camila, Alli, Daniella, Riley, Claire and Teresa, a skit by Anna, Evelyn and Christine, a performance of “Roar” by Katy Perry by Sarah, a song and dance by Natalia, Alessia, Natalie, and Sam, a performance of “Firework” by Katy Perry by Eden, the cup song by Maggie, Kathleen and Sam, a dance by Layla, Noelle, Caroline, Grace, Natalie, Sonja, and Anniel, a performance by Dannie, Danyelle, Jadalyn, Kayla, Kendall, Lina, Nastasjah and Tatiana, a multicultural dance by Toni Ann and an evolution of dance by Carly and Kealy. The whole camp got up and danced together on stage bringing our Camp-Wide to an exciting end.


We can’t wait to close out this successful week with Free-Friday tomorrow!

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